A plastic specialist in the medical sector

PureLab Plastics is also a key player in the medical market and carries out its production in a controlled atmosphere that meets ISO 7 and ISO 8 standards, in keeping with the requirements of its customers in the medical domain, and in compliance with regulations and the ISO 13485 standard. We guarantee complete traceability, via our ERP system, tracing the manufacture of all plastic medical devices, products and tools up to delivery.

To meet the requirements of the medical market, PureLab Plastics takes care of your sterilization needs, whether by  ethylene oxide (ETO) or by gamma irradiation.

We guarantee the sterility of products to the required level until the opening of the packaging by the final customer.


  • Pouch interface
  • Lumbar implant
  • Spinal implant

Product examples:

  • Medical equipment: connection components, micro-syringes, capillary pistons

  • Implants: lumbar implants, spinal implant