Plastic components made especially for diagnostics instruments


PureLab Plastics supplies components, consumables and complex plastic products for the life science industries. As an integral part of the Gilson Group, PureLab Plastics understands completely the needs of the life sciences industries and is a specialist in instruments and consumables for diagnostics and laboratory instruments, producing the majority of plastic parts for Gilson pipettes, renowned for their precision, accuracy and reliability, as well as related consumables.

All plastic components are produced in clean rooms meeting ISO 8 and ISO 7 standards.

High-quality industrial development is guaranteed through the choice of materials and processes as well as by controlling the production environment.

Traceability of our plastic component products and assembled plastic products is guaranteed via our ERP system.


  • Piston
  • Piston
  • Sealing gasket
  • Lower part assembly for multichannel pipettes
  • Analysis tips
  • Analysis tips
  • Packaging - pipette tips
  • Micro-syringe
  • Micro-syringes
  • Micro-syringe
  • Micro seringue
  • Tip-holder
  • Micropipette body

Product examples:

  • Analytical instruments : plastic components for single-channel pipettes, multi-channel pipettes, analysis cassettes

  • Consumables : pipette tips, micro-syringes, capillary piston, micro-plates, tubes, packaging

  • Kits : components and packaging for veterinary analysis kits, PCR kits