Plastic production in clean room




  1. Production site
    • 2 clean rooms meeting ISO 8 / ISO 7 standards: production zones in a controlled environment managed by qualified staff.

    • 32 injection machines: injection molding machines: workshop organized in specialist workstations (consumables, technical parts, specialty parts)

    • Modular automated production line for packaging: line dedicated to a family of consumables ensuring the assembly of millions of parts weekly, while respecting integrity and traceability of production batches (batch material, sterilization, manufacture date, etc.)

    • Buildings covering 13,200 m²: a vast site enabling support of large industrial projects.

    • New 300 m² area dedicated to plastic system assembly.

    • 4,200 m² molding workshop: modular workshop meeting requirements of Life Sciences sector.

    • Production of 200 – 1 million parts per week: production management adapted to manufacturing and monitoring of variable-size production runs. Consumables are our specialty.

  2. Production using Good Manufacturing Practice

    Staff training for each product and in each process is carried out and monitored daily. Regular audits allow us to guarantee the maintenance of required levels in relation to product specificities and standards.

  3. Controlling the Clean Environment – Clean Room

    All production workshops are regularly checked and qualified as meeting required standards.

    The flow of personnel and the movement of materials are controlled by an airlock allowing access between the different production areas. This system allows us to guarantee the particulate and bacteriological integrity of each area.

  4. Ongoing Improvement – Lean management

    The systems in place allow us to monitor each production and control quality, cost, time, health, safety and environmental aspects.

    Production management allows us to ensure the use of preventative measures and to implement the necessary corrective actions to optimize and ensure the smooth running of all processes.

High-quality industrial development is guaranteed through the choice of materials, process types and environmental controls. In addition, the plastic parts produced in clean room meeting ISO 8 and ISO 7 standards fulfill the strictest requirements of the health and life sciences markets.