Mission and vision


For several decades, we have contributed to the progress taking place in the life sciences and health industries via our high precision plastic solutions. From the engineering to final products and associated services, we undertake for our customers, as we do for our own ranges of products, the entirety of the high-precision, high-quality plastic component project. We understand the challenges involved in integrating the components with their instrumentation. We guarantee the best conditions; ensure that the products are quality controlled according to the customers’ specifications and that the product stands the test of time. With our dual experience as both service provider and manufacturer, it is natural for us to work in partnerships, built on close collaboration, mutual trust and process integration for our customers.


We bring to the scientific community all the elements required to contribute to progress in analytical and medical instrumentation, developing bespoke state-of-the-art plastics. We work internationally as a leading supplier of complex and precision plastic solutions in the domains of health, diagnostics and scientific research.