Gilson is present in over 80 countries and is renowned worldwide for its contributions to the scientific community.

With unique expertise in solutions for liquid manipulation and purification, Gilson works in all stages of development and sales of its solutions thanks to four centers of excellence where we define, develop and produce solutions:

  • Gilson Inc.:                automated solutions for manipulation and purification of samples.

  • Gilson SAS:               manual liquid handling solutions for liquid samples, air-displacement pipettes and positive-displacement pipettes.

  • Gilson Purification:  industrial and technical purification solutions and countercurrent chromatography techniques.

  • PureLab Plastics:     plastic parts and systems solutions for the life sciences and health sectors.

Since we belong to Group, PureLab Plastics has access to various resources, technologies and expertise, which helps us anticipate and meet our customers’ needs.